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Business English focus on the language and skills required for regular business communication: the vocabulary of trade and finance, presentations, negotiations, meetings, everyday conversation, networking, correspondence, report writing etc. The strict rules of English grammar are sometimes ignored or sidestepped for these purposes.

  • Telephonic and Business Etiquettes
  • Use of punctuation
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Writing Business letters
  • Writing Reports
  • Writing corporate E-mails
  • Answering customer inquiries

The importance of Business English

English is the international language of business and is a skill ever demanded by the employers. If you are working in another country, your requirement for acquiring this language skill is high. Also, if you are working for a multinational corporation or in international trade in your own country, it is essential to have Business English. It would be the most commonly used language between you and another native speaker from another country and is the only way to communicate for your business and trade. In fact majority of the business communication is in English; moreover, information stored on computers worldwide is also in English. Hence, Business English has a key role for making business. Our Business English Language Course will enable you with basic language and structures you can use for common every day business situation, such as sending an email or making a telephone calls etc. An important aspect of business English is learning how to express you in a confident and professional manner.